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StaticFaction, LLC, was founded in 1994 as the sole, exclusive, authorized North American distributor of Thunderon® anti-static products, including Tape, Cactus®, Pile, Brushes, Yarn, Filament(Tow), Rope, TwiststatTM, and Fabric.

Thunderon® gives you proven, unmatched static control.

A patented organic fiber of copper sulfide chemically bonded to acrylic and nylon fibers, Thunderon® performs better than conventional carbon, stainless steel, or metal-plated fibers. Thunderon® offers unmatched corona discharge, superb conductivity, enhanced abrasion resistance and superior bend recovery, and antibacterial and odor-elimination properties. It is available in a wide range of materials, including filament, cloth, rope, tape, yarn and brushes.

Thunderon® is ideal for use in printing, office machines, business machines, photo finishing, paper converting, plastic converting, and textile machinery. It also has bacteriostatic applications in hospitals and clean room environments.

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