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The Thunderon Advantage

Why Thunderon® fiber shows better performance compared with other material

1) Thunderon® fiber's conductive layer is a very thin layer incorporated on the outer surface of acrylic fiber which is already very fine in diameter among the available conductive fiber materials. Therefore, Thunderon® fiber is the finest conductive material available to promote Corona discharge.

2) Another factor is the physical property of Thunderon® fiber determined by the host acrylic fiber's characteristics. Compared with other widely used fibers like carbon or stainless fiber, the physical property of the Thunderon® fiber is much softer and has superior bend recovery if the fiber is in contact with charged material. Thus, Thunderon® fiber can be well maintained with original shape of brush compared to carbon fiber and stainless steel. This advantage prolongs the life of the brush.

Corona discharge is a very weak energy discharge from a static charged material to a fine conductive pin-like material near to the charged body. Corona discharge is improved if conductive material has the following characteristics:

  1. Fine diameter material with sharp point;
  2. High number of sharp conductive points;
  3. Each point should be separated from another point thus forming a pitch;
  4. Conductive point should be installed vertically to the surface of charged material.

3) The discharge capacity: In applications like printing or film roll processing, where static will be generated continuously, grounding is a must. When proper grounding is not provided, dissipation will drop significantly.

4) 5.85 x 10 . cm

The numeric value is specific resistance. To convert the surface resistance/10 cm into the volume the method of calculation is as follows:

P =

R x D
9 x 105 x L x d

P = Specific Resistance
R = Surface Resistance
D = Denier
L = Measure of Space
d = Specific Gravity

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